Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Concerned Women of America: Robbing American Women of Respect

Concerned Women for America: Robbing American Women of Respect

Have you heard of this group, Concerned Women for America (CWA)? You should. It is run by Beverly LaHaye, yes Tim LaHaye’s wife; the same Tim LaHaye who came to the aid of that ever so sane Rev. Sun Myung Moon who thinks Christ failed where he (Moon) is succeeding.

The LaHayes have written many books including the end of our existence and the rise to righteousness (Left Behind) and Tim LaHaye has even called the Pope (any of them) as “Antichrists”. Now I may agree, but aren’t they all supposed to be on the same side?

I don’t try to understand these “God-fearing” people, because once I do, bacon will fly over the skies, Detroit will freeze over and the Rev. Moon will return (since he believes he is God).

The CWA has six agendas: Definition of Marriage (i.e. no gay marriages, but it’s o.k. if your 16 year old daughter gets married), Sanctity of Human Life (as long as it’s in the womb, once it’s out, it’s fair game), Education in which they state “…returning authority to parents.” (but no sex education, because why leave ignorance only to the parents?) Pornography “all pornography and obscenity” (I’m sure this includes Sesame Street since Ernie and Bert sleep in the same room) Religious Liberty (I guess all those police raids, in the heartland, during Sunday mass have angered them) National Sovereignty which includes no influence from the UN and even economic influence (I wonder how many of their 500,000 members buy their polyester suits from China making Wal-Mart stores) and my favorite; Miscellaneous which states “other issues that don’t … fit into a category” (because you never know when something new comes along, like compassion and love).

I’m making light of this, and it would be very funny if what has happened wasn’t so deadly.

You see, CWA has some powerful members, including former and current Heritage Foundation members as well as ties to both Bushes and most of the top republicans and all of the evangelical leaders (Fallwell and Tim LaHaye started the Moral Majority) and have board members who represented the U.S. at the U.N. Commission on status of women in 2003 (Janice Crousey, PH.D. who is the Senior Fellow at the Beverly LaHaye Institute). Which seems to contradict one of their six agendas (national sovereignty), but hypocrisy seems to go hand in hand with the likes of these people.

The CWA also has a group of women who volunteer to come to Washington D.C. and bombard congressional offices on their ideas on national policies. It is called Project 535 and CWA states [we] “… are able to tackle from between 40 and 70 congressional offices in a day!” It’s interesting to look at the words people and groups use. Why do you think they used the word tackle instead of say meet? Almost biblical in the use of the word tackle, wouldn’t you say? David tackling Goliath, only this David is supported by the leaders of this country.

The LaHaye’s and their entities believe in returning to the Bible to understand how to live. Of course that would mean Bev would have to return to the kitchen, lock herself in her room when she is menstruating (or better meanstruating with the hate that is the LaHaye’s) and kill her child for talking back to her.

The CWA’s ideals include a strong defense from the government. That’s right, they believe we (humans) need to protect what is in the woman’s womb, but it’s o.k. to go to Iraq and kill thousands of women and children, as long as the U.S. is safe.

The CWA is concerned about AIDS, so what do they want to happen? Stop sex education, stop the availability and use of condoms and best of all, end this ridiculous notion of compassion and understanding for the homosexual, since we are all going to die and live in hell anyway.

Of course the CWA uses studies to back their beliefs, including organizations like the Heritage Foundation. Why is it organizations like these create statistics based on their “facts” instead of finding facts based on statistics? It is a form of lying and undermines any credibility with what they say and do.

The amalgam of groups that support each other through “research” and getting their same agendas across is astounding. All of these people; including the LaHayes, the evangelical leaders, the President of the U.S. and various national publications all working together to tell you and I that through study and research from well-respected institutions by invaluable and highly regarded individuals and published by recognized mediums (of course they don’t tell you they are working in tandem) must be right in saying that we, the human race, must return to God (their God). And forget about the idea of compassion, understanding and acceptance of others unlike “us”, they should be changed or condemned to a life of misery and despair. It is truly a frightening thing.

The lines between independent, reliable, substantiated news reporting and self-interested institutions have been stripped away to the point that when your president tells you we, the American people, need to go to war to protect our interests and ourselves, we, as the American people, need to ask why.

Why have so many people died? Why have so many people been humiliated, subjugated and kept in severe poverty? And how can women, women who have lived the life of humiliation, subjugation and extreme poverty support views and ideas that contradict themselves to the point of weeping absurdity and invest their own time, money and lives to these types of organizations? I am still in shock over what I read.

Go to http://CWFA.org and understand how frightening all of this truly is. These are the type of people who have the ears and eyes of our leaders and certainly help shape the ideas and the policies of our government. It would all be just so funny if only it wasn’t true.

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Louise said...

If you'd like to see Tim (Left Behind) LaHaye's gay hypocrisy, go to Yahoo or other engines, enter "Pretrib Rapture Diehards" and scroll down to "1992." What hypocrisy, right? I don't necessarily agree with everything in that article, but the long hidden facts about the history of LaHaye's rapture belief are most interesting, to say the least! Lou