Tuesday, February 21, 2006

54th Pacific Orchid Exposition at Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason Center, San Francisco

I went to the 54th annual Pacific Orchid Exposition this past weekend, Feb. 16-19 2006, which is run by the San Francisco Orchid Society, and man is it amazing! You cannot believe the colors and shapes that nature can make. Many of them look like something out of Dr. Seuss.

As you can see from the photos below, wow is the only way to describe them.

The title of this year's exposition was: "Hot House Hotties & Their Cool Friends" since some thrive in the hot, sticky equatorial climate where as others can grow in the Nepalese mountains or places as cold as Maine.

Some of the names I have found, and I have placed them below their photos.


Vanda possibly Rothschildiana hybrid

Paphiopedilum (Slipper Orchid) not to be confused with Cypripedium (Lady's Slipper), which is cold growing from the Northeast and Europe

Masdevallia, not sure of the hybrid name

Slc (Sophrolaeliocattleya) Angels Dream "Cherry Canary"

Dracula Raven

Masdevallia species, not sure of the hybrid name

Probably another Dracula species

Cymbidium species, which can be grown outside in San Francisco

Possibly Miltoniopsis or "Pansy Orchid"

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