Friday, February 03, 2006

Various Nile scenes

When the group was taking a boat ride around the Nile and to a Nubian Village, these very young kids would come in little wooden boats with small wooden paddles (like ping-pong paddles without the handles) and they would grab on to the tires (used as bumpers) on the side of the boat and sing a song looking for tips. We were told not to tip them because they were supposed to be in school. It was dangerous to say the least.

Felucca jam!

A Nile crocodile, which are now very rare in Egypt, was spotted by our Nubian guide. Many animals that are still common in Africa have been extinct in Egypt for a very long time, including the hippo.

Egyptians washing their laundry in the Nile.

A man praying, facing toward Mecca, in his fields.

Camel at Nubian Village.

Sunset on the Nile.

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