Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Building Souvenir Collection

I have a collection of souvenir buildings and I thought it would be fun to photograph them.

Boston in the throws of winter. Bunker Hill Monument is in the left front, with the Old North Church to the right, the Provincetown Monument behind with the SS Constitution sailing by and finally in the back left is Faneuil Hall

Washington D.C. - Jefferson Memorial (yes that's Jackson, I always thought Jackson and Jefferson looked alike), front left; behind it is the White House; to the right is the Washington Monument; and in the front on the right is the Lincoln Memorial; and the Capital Building is in the center

San Francisco - In the center are three models of Golden Gate Bridge, back left is the Sun Tower (which is not standing anymore) which was built for the Panama-Pacific Exposition in 1915, next is the famous Cliff House, and to the right is the Transamerica building, and the Cable Car is climbing the hills (this time a croissant) and in front is the Coit Tower

New York City - In the front is the NY Worlds Fair; behind left is the Empire State Building, center is the United Nations, to the left is the Rockefeller Center building, directly behind (in gold) is the Sony Plaza tower (also known as AT&T) building, behind to the left is the Empire State Building, to the right is the Statue of Liberty, to the right is the Chrysler building (in gold) and to the right is the Flat Iron building (the first building to peak my interest in architecture and the first in my collection), towards the front (in silver) is the Chrysler building and to the left is St. Patrick's Cathedral

Various places around the country - Front left is the Tabernacle Hall (looks like half a football) and behind it the Church (same tarnished brass color); front and center is Jefferson's Monticello; front right is a horse and buggy for the Amish in Pennsylvania Dutch country; behind it with the spikes is the Air Force's Cadet Chapel in Colorado; to the right is Philadelphia's Independence Hall; behind is Chicago's Sears Tower; and to the left, center, is the St. Louis Arch, behind is Mount Rushmore; left is Chicago's Hancock Tower; and left is Seattle's Space Needle and the back left is Montreal's St. Josepth's Oratory

London - The round item is called the London Eye built for the 2000 Millenium; to the left is the Tower Bridge, behind is Big Ben and to the right is all of Parliament, including Big Ben and finally the large item on the left is the White Tower, the original building that began the Tower of London

Paris - In the center is the Arc de Triomphe, on the croissant is Sacre Coeur - Sacred Heart in English (which is high on a hill in Paris), and to the right is the Pompidou, which features modern art and left of the croissant is Notre Dame and in the back is the unmistakable Eiffel Tower - times four

The two golden castles in the back are the Nurnberg (Nuremberg) Castle and the Schloss Neuschwanstein Castle both of Germany; to the right, in the back the white pole is an example of the sidewalk poles all over Amsterdam as well as the windmill in front of it, which can be seen all over the Netherlands (Holland); in front of the windmill and a little to the left is an example of the gable houses in Amsterdam, and the little silver shoe is an example of the wooden shoes worn many years ago; to the left of the shoe is a church in Amsterdam; In Brussells we have the statue in the middle which is the famous Manneken Pis, small church in the front is the Cathedrale St Michel et Gudule and the two atom looking structures are just outside of Brussells and it is called the Atomium and in the back, the large structure is the Hotel de Ville or Town Hall for Brussells; finally the golden item in the front right is the Belfort or Belfry in beautiful Bruges, Belgium

In the front left is the Sydney Opera House (in Australia) as is the gold one to the left and back a little; behind that is the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy; to the right, in the back is the Wailing Wall in Jeruselum and in front of that is the Sphinx in Giza, Egypt and in the front right, is the Colosseum in Rome, Italy


Sue Veneer said...

I love your buildings! I can't believe nobody's commented yet. I have a small, inexpensive collection that I've acquired gradually from one thrift shop.Maybe 7,8 buildings and 3 are the Eiffel Tower!Only one I have that you don't is Cape Hatteras lighthouse. I love your Flatiron building and silver Chrysler building.

atmospheredesigns said...

Just found this. You have displayed each location beautifully! I have a collection retsricted to NYC ~ about 60 all on one table. Love yours ~ great stuff! You should join the souvenir collecting group on yahoo and show off your collection! Oh and check out canyons of steel on ebay - warning: you could go broke real fast!

Dave said...

Nice Collection ! If your a fan of souvenir buildings, check out my blog also:

It has lots of information for the miniature building collector.