Monday, September 25, 2006

2006 Folsom Street Fair

*** Caution, photos may be offensive to some ***

How does one explain the Folsom Street Fair? It is touted as the largest leather festival in the world, and my guess is they are probably right. But it is probably the largest S & M fair, the largest nudist fair and the largest public sex fair in the world, all rolled up in one.

It is the last Sunday of every September and runs on Folsom Street from 7th to 12th or so. It can be free to get in or just a few donation dollars for local charities... as one booth said, "Torture for Charity!" There is a bicycle parking (run by the San Francisco Bike Coalition) area that is monitored and keeps the bikes safe and there is even a place to hold bag check place (you'll understand why in a moment) that costs $5 for the day.

This was the only person I saw wearing a diaper, but it wasn't the most unusual item. It is this that makes me wonder how people get down to the festival. I'm sure they didn't ride public transport looking like that. I now understand why there is a bag check station.

There is a lot of bondage and S&M at the festival, but it is not what you would expect. I was surprised at how respectful people were of each other and of each person's boundaries. Everyone was laughing and no one was going through anything that they didn't want to.

This man was a lot of fun, just having a great time.

"Turn your head and cough"

These are clothes pins that are pinned onto the person. You will notice a circular pull on each line of pins. When he has had enough, they yank the pull and all the pins rip off the man's body. They call this a zipper and it is very painful. After they were done he collapsed for a few seconds, then stood up and looked quite happy. So, how was your day?

As you can see, there were some very lovely ladies at the fair. There were many people without a stitch of clothing... one wonders, where do they put the cell phones?

This is just one of many people who were getting spanked, paddled, cropped and whipped. This guy with a really cute end was enjoying the spanking and the attention very much.

This quite lovely Asian lady was whipping a guy who had some kind of hooded contraption (like a gas mask - seen below) covered in vinyl and tied to another person. He seemed to enjoy it.

Can you explain this one to me?

This lady, who looked so much like one of my high-school teachers, kind of disturbing, just decided she was a bad, bad girl.

Other things that happened were men, completely naked, who had weights attached to their "tea bags" and were swinging the weights back and forth. There were others who were enjoying themselves in front of all, and many having groups of fellow citizens enjoying themselves in a nicely organized circle... anyone welcomed.

I could say more, but I think that is for an in person discussion.

So again, how was your day?


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