Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Martha's Vineyard

Another beautiful week on Martha's Vineyard with my friends, who are now like my family. Here are some wonderful photos of the island we call home, if only occasionally.

Our house on the Vineyard

Some of my MV friends - Carolyn, Wendy, Bridget, Wendy and Janet

The lovely gingerbread cottages in the Tabernacle - which we can walk to... the community sing on Wednesdays is a hoot!

A working barn on the Vineyard

An Alpaca Farm on the island... so cute.

Janet and Wendy model alpaca hats

The Granary Gallery - sister to the Field's Gallery - the best.

A statue at the gallery.

Edgartown Harbor

Edgartown lighthouse

East Chop lighthouse.

My friend's peacock at her Down Island Farm.

Edgartown - by the Chappy ferry.

Some wonderful Vinny things to do:

Beach baby! The beaches are great and the water is lovely. State Beach is calm and lovely which is between OB and Edgartown. If you want surf, head south to South Beach... but just be careful of the undertow... it really can drag you under.

Community Sing at the Tabernacle - every Wednesday during July and August.

Kayaking... many companies will meet you at your choice of kayaking location.

Gallery hopping... the Vineyard has some wonderful galleries, including the Fields Gallery and Granary Gallery. We also like the galleries in Edgartown and OB.

Shopping - Vinny Haven is a great shopping location, as is OB and Edgartown. And get the two local papers, the Times and Gazette. They list yard sales and estate sales. They are worth attending... remember this is a resort island, so some of the items people are trying to get rid of when they move off-island can be quite spectacular. Also any church bazaar can offer a find for the week... go to them.

Menemsha - just go and you'll see why. The sunset dinners on the beach (get your lobster at Larsen's) are an added treat.

Chilmark Fleamarket - Wednesdays and Saturdays - a great market for all that is the Vineyard and please, stop by the Chilmark Chocolates just south of Beatlebung corner... great cause and really delicious island chocolate.

Chicama Vineyards - a little vineyard that sells pretty good wines. Their mustards are also a speciality that people love.

Events/plays/entertainment - the island has some wonderful events, including concerts at the Tabernacle, outdoor Shakespeare plays, bar hopping in Oak Bluffs (OB) as well as great auctions to help raise money for local causes. These include library expansions, land bank purchases and other wonderful organizations.

Sailing - if you have your own boat, you know what sailing around the Vineyard is like, if not, you can take a day or sunset tour around the island on the many sailing vessels located in Menemsha and Edgartown. James Taylor's brother has a catamaran that he rents tours on... fun, fun, fun!

Sightseeing - the entire island is a photographer's dream. The marshes all over, cliffs in Aquinnah, farms in Chilmark, and all the harbors at dusk and dawn can give you photos that you treasure for a very long time.

Wendy Davis took this photo.

Wendy Davis took this lovely sunset photo... beautiful.

Local Artists - they can be found all over the island and you can meet them at the Chilmark Fleamarket and at the Old Agricultural hall (locals call it the Aggie Hall) and other local events, including church bazaars. Jewelry, paintings, sculptures, clothing, pottery (try to find the Mad Potter - really unique work) and other wonderful wares... worth the investment of time and money - truly talented artists who love what they do.

Humphrey's - best sandwiches on island. The old store going to Menemsha/Aquinnah is sadly gone, but OB center and Edgartown continue to sell those wonderful sandwiches. They stop serving at 3:30, so go early!

Martha's Vineyard Glassworks - see the men and women create some of the best blown glass on island. They'll even ship if you are worried about getting it home in one piece.

Scottish Bakehouse and Eileen's pies - great pastries and pies. I even have friends who when they get on-island go to Eileen's before unloading their suitcases at the house... that's how good they are!

And the best Apple Fritta's anywhere can be found at the Old Stone Bakery in OB center... but go early, they sell out really fast!

Breakfast to wake up for - Linda Jean's has the best breakfast on island. Prepare to wait... but you can always shop OB center while you wait.

Bicycling - some of the nicest biking on the east coast. To go from East Chop to West Chop is a lovely route (about 10 - 12 miles total) as are the routes around the State Forest in the center of the island. Another great route is the eastern side from OB to Edgartown... just lovely early in the morning before all the cars are out headed for the beach or work. That is when you see all the lovely birds that call the island home or are stopping for a rest before continuing their migrations. If you are lucky, you might even see a deer or two.

There is so much more to do, including an arcarde (in OB) for the kids as well as a miniature golf in Vinny Haven - these are just two additional things to do that add to the fun that is Martha's Vineyard.

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