Thursday, September 06, 2007

The End of an Era - Pavarotti dies today

The news of Pavarotti's death brings back many wonderful memories for me, as I'm sure it does for many opera fans. I don't quite remember how or when I began to listen to opera, but I do know who was the first singer to peak my interest, Pavarotti. His charisma and love of the art of opera is apparent the moment who hear him sing... Nessun Dorma is probably his signature performance and I have never heard a better rendition.

I remember the night I went to hear and see Pavarotti perform. It was a night in Boston at the old Boston Garden with my two great friends, Tim and Michele. They took me out to dinner and I bought them two tickets for the concert. It was important for me to bring friends who appreciated Pavarotti, and opera for that matter, as much as I did.

Later when Michele and Tim separated and Michele moved to London, we were taking the train to Paris from London and as we passed beautifully blooming lavendar fields, we listened to Pavarotti on the disc player while drinking wine and looking forward to Paris. What a beautiful moment in time for me, a moment I will never forget.

Pavarotti had his critics. For some strange reason it was seen as "selling out" to perform in a way that attracted "the masses", but who cares how people are introduced to opera, as long as they have the opportunity to listen to it and to learn to appreciate it. Pavarotti broke so many barriers and introduced a beautiful art form to millions upon millions who did not have the opportunity or desire prior to him.

Pavarotti will be missed by so many, especially his family and friends, but we are fortunate that his music, his talent and his love of opera will be with us for all time.

Bravo Pavarotti, Bravo.

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