Friday, November 16, 2007

30 Days of No TV - 24 days and counting

I think someone or something is testing me. During these 19 days I have been tested by various events happening in San Francisco and with myself.

On day two of my personal restrictions to television, we have the strongest earthquake in over 18 years, 5.6, then 1 1/2 weeks ago a horrible tragedy has happened to our beloved Bay, an oil spill of over 58,000 gallons.

As most understand, during tragedies, whether man-made or natural, most people turn on the television to get the latest up-dates on the event. It was hard for me not to turn on the television, but with the help of the internet, I was able to read articles put up by local t.v. stations (no, I did not watch their program via the web) and I would ask people in my office, the following day, questions about the events at hand.

Then just a few days ago I became suddenly ill and was finding myself stressed from heart palpitations and feeling weak and lightheaded. I don't know about you, but whenever I am ill, I curl up on the sofa or bed, wrap myself up in a nice warm comforter and rest my head on a nice fluffy pile of pillows and watch a nice, heartwarming movie on the tv.

And finally I was just diagnosed with having kidney stones!

But so far, with all of these events, I have kept that blasted television off! And as time goes on, it has become easier and easier. I have gone out with friends, or I've picked up a book or better still, picked up the phone and talked to people I haven't spoken to in months, whereas before I would have just plopped down in my chair and left the world alone.

And I guess that was the whole point, I was tired of leaving the world alone. So now, I leave the television alone and, frankly, we are both happier for it.

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