Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Day After

On Friday, January 4, 2008 San Francisco was hammered with a very severe winter storm that was basically a hurricane without the name. Winds of over 75 mph, rain of 2 inches or more with 1 million people without power. Further east, the Sierra Mountains got 4 feet of snow with 4 more on the way and Reno had some flooding that affected thousands.

In Golden Gate Park many massive trees fell from the weight of the storm and more are still vulnerable from the compromised soil and the continued wind and rain.

Below are a few photos from this rough and tough day.

This is right next to the Chaplain William D. McKinnon statue - you can see the statue in the upper right.

This was a massive eucalyptus tree. It took out another tree on its way down.

This is a large tree that fell into Stow Lake. The ducks could not get through. See the duck on the left side... can't get through. The trunk of this tree is above.

Some of the ducks of Stow Lake.

This is a utility shed at the start of Golden Gate Park at Stanyon and Page streets.

Pretty strong structure.

Another tree that succumbed to the storm.

See the wave on the left coming up to Seal Rock!

As of today tens of thousands are still without power and more rain is expected for the next week. Mudslides will cause poorly or foolishly built homes, on high cliffs, to fall and most of us still love living here!

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