Sunday, September 05, 2010

A Friend's Farm and Project

Growing up in New England and in a small town, you see and learn what small-farming is about. We lived in 'milking country' and had many family-owned farms around us.

Today we hear about the problems with intense-farming and corporate farming and the destruction they are having on our environment (polluting under-ground water and rivers and streams) and destroying our country's food supply.

So when a person or family is trying to produce top-quality, local, long-lasting products, you want to do what you can to support them.

Here in California we have many family-owned farms in and around the Bay Area who make cheese, raise organic chickens and sell organic free-range chicken eggs as well as all of the wonderful organic foods grown in the valley here.

I have a school friend who has a pre-civil war farmhouse and is running a sheep farm in Virginia. The lambs she is raising are rare and quite stunning to look at (I've only seen photos) and I have asked her to create a lamb's wool blanket for me.

My friend, Nancy Chase, and her farm, Ingleside Farm, and her story, can be found here: Ingleside Farm

Here is the design of the blanket (personally designed by Nancy):

and here are a couple of the lambs that will be providing the wool for the blanket:

This is Xenophon

This is Windsor

Aren't they just beautiful, beautiful animals!

Please think about your local family-owned farm. Buy their eggs, their cheese, and their other lovely products. You and your neighborhood and this country will be better for it.

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